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Friday, May 16, 2008

It's been a while since I posted

Even though I haven't posted I have managed to squeeze in some art it the past month. Most of my art projects have been friends deco books, a few little beauties swaps and greeting cards for family and friends.

In addition to that I have been very busy creating my hair clips for local boutiques. I have add on three shops in the month of May alone. So I have to fill the orders for Spring/Summer and get them in before I miss out on the summer shoppers. Once I get over the big rush I can work at a easier pace creating next seasons.

Anyway, the images below show some of my current projects. If you look closely you may even see some of your art.. little beauties, backgrounds and inches used in my projects. Thanks for stopping in!


Greeting Cards

- birthday card

- birthday & father's day (work in progress) cards

- Mother's Day card

- birthday card

Little Beauties