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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Hello friends

Here I am!

I’m recovering from surgery... with week three down. The first two weeks were the toughest. Now I can drive and am comfortable moving around. And I only have a few weeks left before I go back to work full-time.

During my early recovery time I went back to some old favorites and challenged myself with some new.

  • I stamped thank you cards … I also celebrated my BIG 50 during this recovery time.

  • I have doodled Zentangles with a twist after finding inspiration in Mandala Zentangle – a cross between Zentangles and Mandalas, and created some of my own. Check it out on You Tube or at Millande.

  • I also created some beautiful macro photography art images to create other cards with some tweaking in Photoshop. I’m just diving into (Photoshop) and find exciting. I pickup Somerset’s new magazine digital studio™ and finding it full of inspiration.

I’m searching for something… maybe this is it? Maybe, just maybe, digital art is the new art media I looking for!?! Is my muse trying to tell me something? I think I will follow this muse for awhile to see where it leads. Stay tuned.

It new meantime here are some of my recover creations. Hope you enjoy them.

Something old – Stamped cards - I used new stamps from my sister Kim for my birthday

Something new – Macro Photography Art Images - I used flowers sent to me after surgery and for the BIG 50 - one I made into a sympathy card

Something old with a twist of new – Mandala Zentangle - I used pens, markers, colored pencils and watercolor pencils