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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Double Deuce Dare!

I signed up for an art challenge "Double Deuce Dare" where you receive a package in the mail full of art goodies. Now you have to create something using the items and send it of to a partner in the swap. when my package arrived it was full of images, tiles spelling home, a gold window frame, CD tin and several other goodies.
I decide to create a house with and accordion fold book inside. This is what I came up with...
it was a challenge to use what someone else gives you. I'm so use to just winging it and grabbing what inspires me at the moment from my stash. This was a good experience for me!
I was enlisted by my Mom to make a greeting card for her friends 90th birthday. When I asked Mom what she like she said "she like birds" Right up my alley. Here's what I came up with - Mom was thrilled (one of my best fans)

I also made a second Image Challenge card - below - because I mail the first one to the wrong person. I need to slow down!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

decos and image challenge

These are pages I made for three different deco round robins.

Shattered glass image

This is a card I made from an image challenge. The image came from Adrienne. She shared some awesome photos she took. I made a blank note card using the door image and a photo of a little girl I've been itching to use. I sprinkled her dress with fairy dust and added a little to the vines. The quote under the photo "from small beginnings come great things".

I am having problems with my scanner and the color so sorry colors are off a bit. Hope you enjoyed them.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Art Deco pages

These are the front and back pages I made for an art deco book. The leaf print in the background was from a "little beauties - leaf" swap that Susie made. It was the perfect addition.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It Snowed - I played

It snowed overnight Friday so after cleaning the house I decide to create. I read about Gesso textured backgrounds on Trish B's site, you'll always find something interesting there. Anyway, I decided to give it a whirl. So following her easy-peasy instructions I went to work, or should I say play!

I gesso'd one 8x10 sheet and when dry cut it in half. Painted one black the other green. When they dried I cut them in half so I now have quarter sheets. Using acrylic paints I topped the black with silver, the second black sheet with bronze, a green sheet with bronze and the final green sheet with gold.
They are fabulous...thanks Trish. I will make these again.

I also signed up for another little beauties swap. this time the theme is MEN. So I started making them over the weekend. I used some of the background paper above when making a few. I thought I could go with Masculine as the theme but I was wrong there must be a man someplace on the little beauty. So, I'll need to either alter most or make some new ones because only three have men. No biggie because these will make great card starters.

Easter's right around the corner and I have 4 grandsons to make cards for not to mention a few others I send them to. So I decide to get cracking. I found some cute ideas in a craft magazine and created diecuts and started on them. Here's one style. That's it so far.